Smoky Mountain Engagement Photos

Smoky mountain engagement photos! The mountains are ever-changing. They can go from rain to snow to smokey all in the week. Are you worried about smokey mountain engagement photos? Don’t be! The smoke in the mountains can add a very unique element to your engagement session. So many people venture out into the mountains looking for great views and epic mountain ranges. When the smoke rolls in many of those views are taken away or put in shadow. 

I believe that having smoke haze over the mountains provides a unique look that not everyone can get. The mountains gain a textured feel and can draw less attention away from the couple. So by having the mountains less grand you as the couple become the focus of the photos. Which is the main idea of getting engagement photos haha. 

Please enjoy these exciting and romantic smokey engagement photos. This couple in particular brought along their amazing dog. As much as I love smokey mountain photos bringing along your fur baby is also a plus! Dogs are a part of your family and should always be included in engagement sessions. I do highly recommend bringing a leash to mix in the puppy to half the shots. Or having another friend who can manage the puppy while engagement phots are being taken is a great idea. 

The smoke can limit the length of an engagement session as it can be hard on the lungs. So I also recommend having lots of water and possibly a face covering to allow for more length to the session. Safety is always a top priority when capturing love! 

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Smokey Engagement Photos

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