Now Jade Riviera Cancun

Cole Hofstra Photography Destination Wedding

The Now Jade Resort in the Mayan Riviera Cancun is an amazing place to host your friends and family for a wedding. This was not my first visit to The Now Jade and they have made some amazing imporvements over the years including their wonderful covered wedding location. You can see in the images and slide show this out standing structure that allows for your wedding to be on the beach in rain or shine! 

Now Jade Riviera Cancun

When asked to join these two amazing humans on the trek to Mexico I was honoured and excited to spend time with some people who seemed to have their wedding priorities figured out. Rhian and Nick made the whole adventure about family and bringing both of theirs together. We didn’t have stress over rain in the forecast  or anyone upset that flowers were late everyone was overjoyed to have these two joining together. I can’t thank you both enough for making me a part of your vacation, wedding, and family! I felt so welcome and a part of your group. 

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Now Jade resort wedding pictures in the stairwell
Now Jade beach front area
bride hgetting ready in her room at the now jade
bride with flowers form the hotel
details to add to your wedding flowers of lost relatives
groom in his hotel room at the now jade
groom getting ready in the room at the Now Jade
Now wedding location at the Now Jade Cancun
Grandmother as a flower girl in a wedding
The wedding pavilion Now Jade Mayan Riviera
wedding couple at the now Jade mayan
wedding party pictures at the Now Jade
Now Jade wedding pictures in the lobby
Now Jade Mayan riviera resort wedding pictures
where to shoot in the rain at Now Jade
wedding details tequila shots
destination wedding details cigar bar
welcome fireworks dj booth sparklers
speeches to the couple
WWF wedding pictures
first dance with mom
first dance Bamboo Ballroom Now Jade
Dance party
night pictures in the rain at Now Jade RESORT
night pictures in the rain at Now Jade RESORT

Now Jade Mayan Riviera Cancun

Thank you for viewing this wonderful and fun destination wedding. If you would like to see more of my work from other resorts and locations please visit where you can see locations from around Mexico and the Caribbean.  Having a off resort photographer is a choice you can make as a couple. Some feel the images provided by the resort are lovely and don’t get me wrong many of the resort photographers are very talented. Having a photographer company you to a destination gives you the freedom to be selective on style, it allows for the opportunity to have more than just the wedding day captured. Please feel free to contact me if you have any question about destinations or my availability to join you for a wedding. 

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