Lake Minnewanka Engagement

Lake Minnewanka may be one of my favourites for engagement photography. The grand mountains and stunning blue water make it ideal for any time of year. The location is so divers and offers private spots when you hike away form the main parking lot. Not everyone enjoys having an audience for their romantic engagement session. So timing both in the day and time of year can be really important. July and August while are stunning and green they bring the most tourists on a daily basis. So if you insist on this time of your or this is when your vacation is planned I would highly suggest sunrise. It may be early but the view is worth it. Lake Minnewanka is the most stunning in the Fall months. The colours on the trees reflect in the blue water and you can feel like you’re in a dream. 

Fully Licensed and insured…

What does this mean for you a couple having your photograph taken? Banff National Park requires all vendors (including photo/video) to be licensed for the Town of Banff and Banff National Park. It is important as a couple to hire someone who is licensed. This means your session will not be interrupted by park staff and rangers. It also means that your photographer is contributing the up keep of the parks. Sessions take a lot of planning on your part as a couple, and you want to make sure you have some one who is allowed to be working in the area and not waste any time. For more information please view this link.

Lake Minnewanka engagement photos
Lake Minnewanka couple kissing on the rock
Lake Minnewanka engagement photo locations
Lake Minnewanka banff photographer who is fully licensed
couple laughing at Lake Minnewanka