Cave and Basin, Banff

Welcome to Banff! Laura and Michael are what I like to call super adventurers. They spend all of their time outdoors exploring. The are avid climbers in the summer and daily backcountry skiers in the winter. When explaining the fact they wanted to climb a cliff face in wedding gear I got really excited. You want to do what? HAHA I was thrilled. More couples should take the opportunity to integrate activities and parts of their relationship and what make them a couple into the wedding. I love this day and I really love these images.  Thank you to The Cave and Basin who are incredibly staffed and have an amazing location. 

Being you on your wedding day! 

It’s so important to make your wedding day the version you want it to be. Often we fall for tradition or things someone else told you was a good idea. You know you the best. So listen to you gut and create a day that works best for you and provide the type of fun you want to have. Thanks right weddings are meant to be fun.

Another wedding with great adventure goals – 

What are some great wedding goals to aim for?

Aim for things that

  • make you happy
  • make you relaxed
  • will allow you to be present on your wedding day and enjoy the moment
  • make you feel like yourself, and
  • that you can look back on fondly later